Grappling with Education™ is an independent body set up to engage with a number of different groups across all key areas of the education divide.
Split into a number of age-related or ability-based projects, our services include programmes that cater for groups seeking curriculum-based breakfast, PE and sport provision or after-school clubs, valid self-protection education for post 16 students as they embark on work or university life and tailored learning for those students excluded from mainstream education.
Across all tailored courses and long-term projects, our objective is to deliver an element of learning completely unrivaled in terms of approach and success.


PE & Sports Provision

Back in 2015 the Times Educational Supplement (TES) ran an article suggesting the outlook for physical activity among young people in schools was “bleak and worrying”. In truth the issue surrounding the decline in provisions has been around for much longer, with the Youth Sports Trust marking an “inactivity crisis” since 2010 and physical education in schools now well below the recommended five hours of curriculum time per week. Our PE & Sports Provision programme is tailored to fill this void within partner schools offering physical activity and value-based learning through martial arts.

Grappling with Bullying™

Our school programmes are essentially designed to provide convenience for parents, diversity for tutors and accessibility for children. With children as our core focus; we are essentially in the business of developing confidence – physically, mentally and or course emotionally. The martial arts are a tremendously powerful vehicle for developing confidence in young children, parents understand this as do many school tutors up and down the country and as such one of our most popular entry points is our Grappling with Bullying™ programme.

Grappling with Obesity™

According to Baroness Sue Campbell, who commissioned a report suggests that “one in three children leave primary school obese or overweight and less than one in five meet the minimum recommended guidelines for physical activity. A worrying trend leading to a sedentary lifestyle in young people”. Our Grappling with Obesity™ programme is designed to highlight the health benefits of an active lifestyle and instills a sense of ownership, accountability and confidence from pursuing active and healthy choices.

Post 16 Self Protection

As post 16 students leave school they are invariably less equipped to deal with life than they propose, in this ever changing world the scope for risk is growing exponentially – the social aspects alone of university and college education bring perils and pitfalls that ten years ago were not even heard of: unlicensed taxicabs, drug-related rape, identity theft and general environmental awareness are just four areas of concern highlighted across the most recent British Crime Survey’s. Our Post 16 Self Protection seminars encompass all and more in an attempt to equip students with the necessary knowledge to become harder targets as they embark on work or university life.